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The Owl & The Pussycat

Summer is a magical time of year. In early August when we had finally acclimated to the heat and the long lazy days, a very special event took place. A dear friend of mine got married. This was no ordinary event. The celebration took place on private property nestled in the hills of Ojai. It was an intimate affair that included many personal touches that made the wedding one to remember. I had a tiny part in event by making a cake topper for the wedding cake. But this was no ordinary cake topper….

The bride has forever been enchanted with the poem “The Owl and the Pussycat” and wanted to find a way to tie it in to her wedding. We decided to make a sugar topper depicting the scene from the poem.

The topper was designed to look like a framed page from a book but with certain elements popping “off the page”. By making it framed, the back was able to be designed in great detail as well, so the piece would be beautiful from every angle. One of my biggest goals as a designer is to have no unfinished elements to my work. So regardless of the angle, the cake is a work of art. The topper is made completely of sugar and to give you an idea of its size, the image is on a 4 inch round disc. So yes, it’s small!

owl and the pussycat cake topper



cake topper back

I took some quick photos along the way. I find the most interesting part is to see where the creation began and how it got to the finished product.




Bridal Bliss

We recently did a cookie and cupcake order for a Bridal Shower. I found the wedding gown cookies to be the most fun to decorate since I had carte blanche when it came to the dress design. I was able to channel my inner Vera Wang! The champagne glasses were also cool since we made them a little bit “Mod” with the white bubbles.

It’s worth double clicking on the dresses to see the detailed designs!

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