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Wheat Sheaf Cake

We were involved in a gorgeous outdoor wedding on a vineyard in the Malibu mountains. That day it was incredibly overcast, creating a very magical feeling of being on a hilltop in the clouds.

The bride and groom are very nature oriented and liked the look of clean lines and simplicity.

We designed a white wood-grain pattern for the cake and then placed gumpaste Rununculus and Wheat on the cake. I loved that there were intricate details to each element of the cake, but while looking at it as a whole it seemed very straight forward and simple.


Calla Lilly Cake

For this wedding my clients knew exactly what they wanted. The bride came in with color swatches and pictures to help me understand the design she had in mind. Their enthusiasm regarding the cake was so clear I couldn’t help but get excited about their special day as well!

The highlight of this cake were two little monkeys that were perched on the top of the cake holding hands and peeking their heads out above the sugar flowers. They were so fun to make! And I can’t tell you how many people commented on them when we were setting up the cake.

Botanical Garden Wedding

During this summer of endless weddings, I was able to do a dear friends wedding cake. Her wedding took place at a botanical garden and I had carte blanche when it came to designing her cake. She even said “surprise me!”. I can’t even describe the excitement and nervousness this new-found freedom induced.

Her color scheme was white and yellow and her natural style is relaxed modern chic. So we decided to implement flowers into the cake design but in a more artistic sense rather than from a realistic standpoint of trying to mimic natural flowers.

We used a few different techniques when creating her cake. We had fondant swags, brushwork embroidery, and gumpaste flowers to name a few.

Magazine Coverage

We were recently featured in a cake article in Serendipty Magazine.  It’s always exciting to be able to share our cakes in print!

Lace & Roses Wedding Cake

We recently did a cake that was quite a show-stopper!

The cake had vintage colored gumpaste roses cascading down the front with a lace design on the sides and pearl detailing throughout.

I always find it interesting to look at our cakes and try to see if in later years they will look dated – our goal always being to create an art piece that will fit in any era. I think this cake definitely meets out goals. It is an elegant and traditional design that will never go out of style.

Here are some additional pictures as well:

Wedding at the Ranch

When I was in elementary school one of my friends invited me to a sleepover at her grandparents ranch. I remember that weekend as a time of pure delight as we played with bunnies, rode horses and picked oranges off the trees in the orchard. Fast forward 16 years and a get a call from this same friend, she’s getting married at her grandparents ranch and wants me to make the cake!

It was such a pleasure to be able to catch up on life and for me to be able to contribute to this momentous occasion.

The fabulously talented JLG Photo was kind enough to share some of the pictures from the wedding with us.

As always, I got a little shutter happy myself and took some detail shots of the cake.

Gumpaste bouquet on the top tier

Ultimate Cake Off – Behind the Scenes

Last night was the premier of Ultimate Cake Off in which I, along with Liz and Alison, assisted Katie Robinson in creating a 6 foot tall wedding cake that set new standards on what a wedding cake can be.

It was such an amazing experience to be on the team and work with such talented cake artists. I find it so amazing that something that took months of planning can be condensed to a 1 hour show!

Here are some of the behind the scenes footage of the prep and filming. Enjoy!

By using Styrofoam dummies we were able to see what the final cake structure would look like

This is one of the early cake sketches

a few months later and after one grueling day….here is the finished cake!

Besides for time, there were a lot of other elements that went into preparing for this monstrous cake.

51 pounds of butter, 54 pounds of sugar, 113 cups of sour cream, 32 pounds of white chocolate, 10 pounds of gumpaste and 65 pounds of fondant to name a few….

A lot of our materials and tools were brought in from New York.

Here’s some of the luggage the team flew with

While the rest of the team was flying to LA, I was transporting all of our cake and frosting.

Our Kitchen!

and the competition begins

some of the gumpaste tiles we used on the cake

Time’s up and cake is done!

Once the cake was done we got to pose for some much needed glamor shots

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