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Parmisu – The new healthy summer dessert!

As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, I was quite excited when I arrived home to see a box of Nature’s Pride Hotdog and Hamburger buns on my doorstep!

In this video you will learn how to make a healthy summer dessert using bread!


Eventful Events

This past weekend we participated in the LA Cupcake Challenge. It was a great event! Tons of awesome people (over 600 to be exact!), great music and tons of delicious cupcakes of course! While the results have yet to be posted, I wanted to share some shots from the event.We made Apple Spice Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Buttercream

Each cupcake was topped with a handmade chocolate leaf

Another fun event we were involved in recently was a cake demo for a Mother/Daughter event at a local elementary school. It was a two-part demo. In the first segment I showed everyone how to make fancy looking cakes at home that don’t require special tools or techniques. I then showed what goes into making an Urban Sweets cake. It was fun to see the moms just as excited as the girls!

Cupcakes, Pizza and Puppies!

Birthday Girl: Ariela

Party: Cupcake decorating class

Food: Homemade Pizza

Birthday Surprise: Play-time with adorable puppies

Sounds like the makings of an incredible Birthday Party.

puppy sign

The Party:

The guests enter the house through a red, glittering dog house door

Birthday Party


Everyone received a special Birthday party apron. The kids gathered round and we made individual pizzas. While they were bubbling away in the oven, I did a demonstration on different cupcake decorating techniques and then helped the kids design and decorate their own.

cupcake decorating


me and the birthday girl

While everyone loved making the cupcakes, the most fun was definitely eating their amazing creations!


After every last bit of cake was eaten and frosting was licked, out came 10 of the sweetest puppies for everyone to play with.

With bellies full and faces covered in doggie kisses, everyone gathered their things and  got to take home a very special birthday cupcake recipe named after the birthday girl herself!

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