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Oh Martha!

First off, I am thrilled that the re-designed blog is up and running! Hillel Smith, an incredibly talented graphic designer was the genius behind the page and did a fabulous job bringing my concepts to cyberspace!

Growing up in L.A. we are surrounded by celebrities, usually this means their “WOW” appeal wears off over time. Yesterday that was not the case. Martha Stewart, yes, you read correctly MARTHA STEWART! the Julia Child of our generation, was doing a book signing to promote her new cookbook  “Martha Stewart’s Dinners at Home”. This cookbook is simple to read and presents recipes in a group so you can make an entire meal without feeling overwhelmed by searching for multiple recipes.

dinner at home cover

I have never met Martha before and really wasn’t sure what to expect. After meeting her, I am an even bigger fan than before! She is incredible. I got up to her an hour and a half into her book signing. She seemed very much at ease and we ended up having a short conversation that culminated in her recommending that I submit pictures of my cakes to her wedding magazine! Pretty incredible huh?

Here are my paparazzi style pictures from the event

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

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