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Good Luck Cake Shoes

What’s in the box? A cake of course!

One of the first things impressed upon us in culinary school is the importance of our uniform.


1) Must wear Commis (chef’s hat) at all times

2) All buttons of Chef’s coat must be buttoned

3) Must wear chef shoes in the kitchen at all times

And the list goes on….

I was very excited about getting my uniform and trying it on until I saw the shoes…. while they are safe and I must admit, extremely comfortable, they are not the most attractive footwear I have sported.

But as a chef, we quickly fall into our routines of donning our garb, tying the apron just so and beginning our work. This ritual almost feels devotional. Ensuring a good day in the kitchen. So naturally, the shoes became a part of that custom. But as humans, we always modify, change and build upon our customs.

About a year ago I was commissioned to create a Shoe Cake (view post here) for a designer for Ed Hardy. They loved the cake and as a thank you actually gave me a pair of Ed Hardy’s!

I am not normally a person to follow the trends or wear labels. But every time I put on those shoes it reminds me of happy clients and our cake. So they have quickly become my good luck charm. Before we head out of the kitchen to deliver a cake I throw on my Ed Hardy’s and know the delivery will go well.

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