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Squirrels Attack Wedding Cake

10/10/10 went off with a bang, when at precisely 10:10 am a very special couple tied the knot.

This wedding was incredibly unique for many reasons. The couple got married in their backyard and actually built the path as well as the wooden gazebo they were married under.

Right before the bride walked down the isle a song was played that was written and performed by the groom (a musician). And upon completion of the ceremony, the popping of champagne bottles resonated through the yard as corks flew in the air and bubbly was poured for everyone to enjoy.

The wedding cake was very playful. The bride is a veterinarian and has brought home injured squirrels over the years. These squirrels which now live in the backyard have really become a part of the family. We decided to make the squirrels the center theme of the cake. The concept behind the cake was to have a very elegant and traditional wedding cake that was then “attacked” by squirrels.

I really enjoyed being able to do a story cake, where each tier added to the tale that was being told.

I loved that the top tier had the squirrel staking claim on the cake. Having climbed up the cake and accidentally knocking over the bride and groom topper, the squirrel began a piling up its acorns

The bottom tier had a squirrel actually biting into the cake

For the middle tier a squirrel nose was peaking out, somehow having burrowed its way into the cake and was now trying to get out again

This was actually taken before we put the squirrels on the cake, but I love the picture so much, I had to share!


6 Responses

  1. Eva!! i love the pic of the squirrel sticking its nose out of the cake! so cute and realistic, good job!

  2. OMG this cake is amazing! I love the little nose peaking out thru the side. And the squirrel on the top knocking over the bride and groom. Awesome cake!

  3. Eva! Its pure magic … I just love! it…The squirrels are to amazing with the acorns!

  4. Eva, you made our wedding so special. You found the heart of our weird existence and brought it out in humor, skill, and sugar!!!

    Working with you was a breeze, as you developed an idea for us and, with just one meeting, you brought it to a wonderful finish. It was so easy for us.

    Everyone is still talking about your creation (bride and groom included) and the impression you made with your art is clearly lasting a lifetime. Thank you for your skill and love of making people happy!

    – The Bride and Groom!
    Mr. & Mrs. Eaton
    (that’s fun to type!)

  5. I adore this! The nose peeking out of the squirrel IN the cake is awesome.

    • I agree – that was my favorite part too. Pure genius, and all Eva’s idea. She is fantastic!!

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