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Mini Cupcakes All Dressed Up

I think it can be officially declared: The cupcake craze is now a way of life! It is no longer a trend just passing through town. With TV shows, headbands, jewelry and of course many, many cupcake companies to choose from these little guys are here to stay.

Personally, the mini cupcakes have won my heart. Just a few of the reasons why:

1) I can get a ton of different flavors and not feel like a glutton

2) So easy to eat. There’s no knife vs big bite dilemma with these little tikes

3) They are so adorably cute!

Even with these reasons as to why minis reign supreme – I have found very little as to how to display minis in a more unique fashion. Yes the cupcake tree is an oldie and a goodie – but I want more options that will bring these guys some major oogle time….

My answer: tea-light holders! They are the perfect shape for mini cupcakes and there are so many different options a decorator could go wild!

Here are shots I took of my little guys trying some tea-light displays on for size.

Another option is to use upside down glasses and mugs

Another idea I can’t wait to try is to put the minis inside lanterns. So cute!


Beehive Cake

I was ecstatic when I got a call to do a beehive cake for someone who is an actual bee keeper! I always enjoy the additional challenge of creating life-like cakes for those who know exactly what the real thing is supposed to look like.

For this cake we decided to not only do a beehive with bees, but to do a shovel and gardening glove as well since the Birthday girl is also an avid gardener.

The handle of the shovel ended up being covered by the glove, but I had to show a picture since I just loved the wood-grain on the handle!

My favorite part of all were the bees. I love how detailed they are!

Botanical Garden Wedding

During this summer of endless weddings, I was able to do a dear friends wedding cake. Her wedding took place at a botanical garden and I had carte blanche when it came to designing her cake. She even said “surprise me!”. I can’t even describe the excitement and nervousness this new-found freedom induced.

Her color scheme was white and yellow and her natural style is relaxed modern chic. So we decided to implement flowers into the cake design but in a more artistic sense rather than from a realistic standpoint of trying to mimic natural flowers.

We used a few different techniques when creating her cake. We had fondant swags, brushwork embroidery, and gumpaste flowers to name a few.

Dessert on the San Juan Islands

I recently was able to take a short trip to the San Juan Islands –¬† a destination I highly recommend.

There were two sugary highlights of the trip. The first was in Friday Harbor on the island of San Juan. Right after exiting the ferry boat there is an idyllic ice cream shop perched on the waters edge. They offer 72 flavors of ice cream daily! I found it quite overwhelming to be faced with such a tough decision as to what flavor to get. They had everything from Vanilla to Black Licorice. Right next to the shop there are a set of benches under a gazebo where we would spend sunset sitting and watching the ferries come in while enjoying our ice cream.

We spent a day hiking and biking on Lopez Island as well. This island is incredibly quaint. When renting our bikes we asked about renting bike locks – we were immediately¬† laughed at and told “You’re not in LA anymore!”. Whenever we stopped we would just place our bikes in the bike racks provided at the entrance to the hikes. No locks required!

On Lopez there is the Just Heavenly Fudge Factory which sells their own amazing fudge as well as ice cream that is made on the islands as well. The store is owned and run by two friends who have a love of fudge! They offer 20 different fudge flavors. All of which are truly incredible! I brought a box home as a gift and the Peanut Butter Fudge won hands down as the best flavor.

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