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Wedding at the Ranch

When I was in elementary school one of my friends invited me to a sleepover at her grandparents ranch. I remember that weekend as a time of pure delight as we played with bunnies, rode horses and picked oranges off the trees in the orchard. Fast forward 16 years and a get a call from this same friend, she’s getting married at her grandparents ranch and wants me to make the cake!

It was such a pleasure to be able to catch up on life and for me to be able to contribute to this momentous occasion.

The fabulously talented JLG Photo was kind enough to share some of the pictures from the wedding with us.

As always, I got a little shutter happy myself and took some detail shots of the cake.

Gumpaste bouquet on the top tier

Wedding Cookies à Gogo

We recently had a wedding cookie order for a local hotel’s Bridal event.

We made individually wrapped wedding dresses and wedding cakes for all the guests to take home. So cute!

Cupcakes and Butterflies

The good news is that Wedding Season is in full swing and we have been working on some wonderful cakes! The bad news is due to our orders I haven’t been able to blog in a while. I’ll try to amp it up!

A few weeks ago we were involved in a fabulous Bat Mitzvah party. The event was an outdoor luncheon and the theme was bright colors and butterflies.

Looking at the photos it is hard to believe that the client did not use a party planner! They did all the designing themselves. Even creating the adorable cupcake stands to match their theme.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take any pictures at the event. But my client was incredibly generous in sharing their personal pictures for the blog.

Every table had alternating bright colors to keep the yard looking fresh

The tents had these cute butterflies attached to the posts

Every cupcake stand had a different color scheme. We made regular and mini cupcakes in a variety of bright colors to match the event colors. We also used a bright, multicolored cupcake liner so that the entire display really “popped”.

On each cupcake stand there was a special cupcake with a fondant medallion that had the Bat Mitzvah girl’s initial piped on it.

The floral arrangements were stunning and really helped tie in the overall theme.

As the centerpiece for the Buffet table there was a personalized “tree” that had family photos dangling from its branches. Such a great idea to make the buffet extra personal!

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