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Red Velvet Showdown

I am a purist when it comes to my food. While I will make any type of cake that a client asks for, I tend to shy away from using chemical products and artificial colors. That being said, one of our most requested cake flavors is Red Velvet Cake, which is all about its color which is 100% artificial.

This led me to a discussion with a friend – She said that she would love an “Un-Red” Velvet cake just as much as a Red Velvet cake. I countered that the red coloring added a flavor and consistency to the cake that is part of what people love about it. This was just a theory though, and we debated if it was in fact true.

Now we had to get an answer!

So I invited some friends over and made 2 cakes: 1) Red Velvet with the food coloring               2) Brown Velvet (aka the Red Velvet Cake sans food coloring)

We decided to make this official and had both a viewed and blind tasting of the cakes to make sure that the visual coloring didn’t affect our final decisions.

Almost everyone could tell the difference between the two cakes during the blind tasting.

The Result: The guys liked the Brown Velvet better, the girls liked the Red Velvet better. But everyone agreed that the coloring makes a huge difference in terms of enjoyment factor.

The ballots are tallied up

Case-in-point: Red Velvet Cake is staying Red!


2 Responses

  1. Go for beets! It’ll make the cake red, and make it very moist 😀

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I have dabbled in beets and hibiscus powder, but have yet to find the perfect combo.

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