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Sneaker Cake

I love that every week we have the opportunity to create new and wonderful cakes! This past week we created an Ed Hardy sneaker inspired cake for a birthday party.

This cake was huge! My guess is it weighed about 50 pounds. It measured almost 2 feet by 1 foot and at the tallest point it was 2 feet high! That’s a big shoe!

The birthday boy is a major chocoholic, so we made a dark chocolate cake covered with chocolate fondant.

Here is an image of the shoe that inspired the cake design

We simplified the design so that it was less of a branded look. Here are some pictures of the cake itself:


Tennis Anyone?

This past week we did an order for a personalized Tennis Match Cake. Every week this group of friends gets together to play tennis. Since it was one of the players birthday, I was contacted to create a cake representing all the players.

This was an incredibly fun project to do!

Here you can see the process of creating the cake

Gumpaste Flower Demo

Gumpaste flowers are a great way to decorate cakes, cupcakes and cookies. It is easy to learn how to make flowers, but it does take practice to perfect the skill.

Here I will show you how to make simple punch and cut flowers.

To begin, you will need:

Exacto Knife

Balling Tool

Dog Bone Tool

Corn Starch

Flower Cutters

Cutting Board (the flexible plastic ones work best)

Sheet Tray with Flower Formers


Cell Pad

Rolling Pin

Roll out a small piece of gumpaste to desired thickness. For this type of flower I like to roll it to an 1/8th of an inch thick

Use the flower cutter to punch out a series of flowers in the gumpaste

For small flowers place one of the cutouts on the cell pad and use the balling tool to get the flower to curve up and form a cup shape

Then use a pointed edge tool to place lines in the center of each petal. This will also create an indent in the center of the flower adding dimension to the design

For bigger flowers, place them on the cell pad and use your hand to smooth out any uneven edges

Use the dogbone tool to press into the center of each petal creating a curve and a line down each petal

Put a little bit of cornstarch on the back of each petal (so they wont stick) and place them on a flower former to dry. Give them two days to dry before moving them.

These flowers can be used for all sorts of desserts. They can be made in any color desired and look really impressive considering how easy they are to make.

Perfectly Pink Wedding

We recently created a cake for an absolutely stunning wedding in Long Beach. The bride has impeccable taste. No detail went overlooked. John Solano Photography took gorgeous pictures of the event and was kind enough to share them with me.

And to save the best for last….here’s the cake!

I couldn’t help but take some of my own pictures as well

Each tier was hand piped with a floral design

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