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NY Cake Convention – Part II

The other piece of the Cake Convention that made it such an incredible experience were the demonstrations and celebrity chefs that attended.

Cake Opera Co. based in Canada, made the trip down to show us their specialty – edible cake topper busts. They are outstandingly talented and bring a new edge to our art form.

We were able to watch a live cake competition. The artists had 4 hours to complete their New York themed design.

This is the winning design

It is hard to remember is how fragile cake really is. After judging, the face of the wining cake began to fall.

Dianna Lopez, the winner, shows how to take anything in stride. She had such a wonderful, playful attitude about the fondant falling.

Zilly Cakes, famously known for creating the Obama mosaic out of cupcakes, created a gorgeous cupcake mosaic of Kirsten Dunst from Marie Antoinette.

Here’s a closeup of what each cupcake looks like that forms the amazing masterpiece.

It was so wonderful to be able to meet and hear from some great chefs in the industry.

Ashley Vicos talks about her experiences in the cake industry

Michelle Bommarito, Natalie and I strike a pose

Chris Rossum judged the live cake competition


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