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Chocolate Indulgence

A few weeks back I had the honor of making a Birthday cake and cupcakes for a dear family friend. The Birthday boy (or gentleman I should say) is a die-hard chocolate fan so I decided to make a “Study In Chocolate” Cake, meaning I used all the different techniques that can be used in working with chocolate in this cake. The cake was created using a light Cocoa Cake layered with 3 types of chocolate filling; dense Bittersweet Chocolate Buttercream, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Buttercream, and Cocoa Buttercream. When the cake is sliced the different colors of the fillings can be seen and the colors move in order from dark to light. The cake was then enrobed in Chocolate Ganache and topped with chocolate roses.

Chocolate Cake

Although decorative flowers and multiple colors add festivity to cakes, I avoided this to create a more elegant and masculine design. The main source of decoration are the hand-molded chocolate roses. This technique is accomplished by making a more malleable form of chocolate that allows it to be sculpted into different forms.

For an easy and professional looking way to add a finishing touch you can press slivered almonds into the ganache before it sets to create a modern band around the base of the cake.

chocolate flowers

For the kids, we made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes both plain and with sprinkles. You should have seen how big the kids’ eyes got when they laid eyes on the cupcakes! I have found that cupcakes are so wonderful to serve to kids because they can eat them without a knife and fork. This allows them to 1) run around and play while they eat and 2) eat without the help of their parents so they have a sense of independence and accomplishment. This also cuts down on plates and cutlery which not only saves money but the environment as well!

chocolate cupcakes


vanilla cupcake


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