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Fall Fete

Winter has finally arrived in LA. We are going on day two of a rainstorm and I am loving the fog outside the kitchen window. Here at Urban Sweets, we have started to transition into our winter desserts – heavier dessert items that focus on spices and preserves rather than fresh fruit. I love having our menu follow the seasons and what is naturally in season this time of year.

Last week we did a Dessert Buffet that featured items from our Fall line. We created a menu that primarily focused on winter confections but added in a few “last of summer” lighter and fruiter flourishes.

dessert buffet

The center focus was the cupcake tower that had individual dessert bites lining it. The desserts were placed in a cascading order of density. Starting with the “farewell to summer” desserts at the top and leading down to the heavier more winter oriented items.

The top tier had mini Lemon Meringue Tarts

lemon meringue tarts

Below the Tarts were mini Brownies infused with Raspberry Preserves and latticed with Bittersweet Chocolate.


The base tier had individual Persimmon Cheesecakes. When thinking about winter foods, squash and pumpkin usually come to mind. Staying true to Urban Sweets ethics (that of introducing new and unique flavor combinations to the dessert lover) I opted to stray from the traditional. Persimmons are just coming into season and have such a rich, sweet flavor; I was delighted to incorporate them into the cheesecakes. This was another way to take a dessert commonly served during the warmer months and make it the perfect addition to a party taking place on a cool and crisp evening. Who would ever think that cheesecake could be paired with hot Mulled Cider? Well now it can!


To round out the Dessert Buffet, we also had Pecan Bars, Ginger Snap Cookies, Candies and Decorated Sugar Cookies that we placed on lollipop sticks – they were a huge hit with the kids!

cookie lollipops

ginger snaps and sugar cookies

acorn cookie

leaf cookie


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